Charming Świętokrzyskie (Arabian horses on Ponidzie)

October 16-18, 2015, Friday-Sunday

Program from Ewa: On Friday, October 16, we meet in Pińczów at the Arab workshops in Ponidzie. At around 2 p.m. we will have lunch at the Nad Starą Nidą hotel in Pińczów (ul. Armii Ludowej 4), and at 3 p.m. we should already go into the open air. Jeśli ktoś nie zdąży dojechać przed tą godziną, proszę o informację.

We hope for good weather, but bad weather shouldn't stop us either - I suggest you bring rainwear for yourself and your camera. Regardless of rainfall, it must be taken into account that the morning open air will be quite wet due to dew. Please do not forget the tripods, chargers and spare memory cards.

List of places photographed during the workshops:
The first day - Szydłów,
Saturday morning - wet sunrise in Pińczów, then Podzamcze Chęcińskie - the starost's manor, Michałów - horses, Pińczów - the church of St. John the Evangelist, in the evening the stronghold in Stradów,
Sunday - horses in Michałów and the Clock Museum in Jędrzejów

Common photo on Charming Świętokrzyskie:

Czarowne Świętokrzyskie grupa

In the photo, the top row from the left: Elżbieta, Małgosia, Jola, Kazimierz, Basia, Zbigniew, Piotr, Adam, Leszek, Bożena, Kasia, Leszek, Alicja, Wojciech, Piotr
Bottom row from the left: Agnieszka, Stanisław, Jurek, Mirela, Ewa, Piotr

Midsummer Eve Świętokrzyskie

June 24-26, 2016, Friday-Sunday

Program from Ewa: During the sixth workshop in Charming Świętokrzyskie, for a moment we will feel like in Tuscany, we will visit the Cistercian monastery, we will struggle with the museum technique and we will welcome sunrise where witches fly on brooms. As the first photographic group, we will also take the Palace of Krakow Bishops. The rest of the time will be filled with discussions about photos, and perhaps also a sleep - but we do not promise the latter ... The Świętokrzyska Witch Ka_tula is traditionally responsible for everything, including good photographic weather.

Świętokrzyska Tuscany
The gently undulating hills are a trademark of Tuscany, but also some regions of Świętokrzyskie. And it is in these regions that morning and evening open-air activities await us.

Palace of the Krakow Bishops
There are places where photographers are not allowed. And there are places where they let them in, if you know the spell. This year, Świętokrzyska Witch has enchanted the Palace of Krakow Bishops for us - a baroque wonder with lots of flavors for architecture lovers.

Sunrise on Łysa Góra
As we will be there, almost on Midsummer's Eve, we will spend Saturday dawn in style, on Łysa Góra. We would like to write that we will fly to Łysa Góra, but unfortunately, we can only promise entry, although ... if someone is able to pass the broom pilot exam, we promise photographic documentation of this feat. We will be climbing Łysa Góra on Saturday before dawn, so it's worth taking a flashlight with you.

Cistercians from Wąchock ...
... will have the opportunity to relive the raid of madmen with tripods. We have already photographed in the monastery in Wąchock, it was a few years ago and it is high time to return to this extraordinary place.

Blast furnace and big dinosaurs
For lovers of industrial topics, the session at the Museum of Technology in Starachowice will be especially delicious, where you can face 19th-century blast furnaces, and dinosaurs await those who are bored with technology.

Other attractions are possible ... :)

A common photo at Midsummer Eve Świętokrzyskie:

Świętojańskie Świętokrzyskie grupa

In the photo, from the left: Jola, Monika, Bożena, Basia, Jurek, Kasia Ka_tula, Alicja, Andrzej, Adam, Piotr, Ania, Zbyszek, Eugeniusz, Jurek
They are sitting from the left: Piotr, Ewa, Mirela

Heather Land

August 25-27, 2017, Friday-Sunday

Program from Piotr: On Friday, August 25, we meet in the village of Borówki at Mrs. Bogusia Naruszewicz, in an agritourism with the idyllic name of Wrzosowa Chata, alias Gajówka Głuszec. The official address is Borówki 25. The GPS data is: 51.360594,15.722333.

We meet at 2 p.m., after which we want to set off for the first conquest of the moors.

The heathers are short and the sundews are even lower (these are plants a few centimeters long), so it is worth considering some way to stress-free placing the camera very low - and looking at the viewfinder in this position. In a word, in addition to a low-spaced tripod or a bag of peas, it is worth taking something that will allow you to kneel or even lie down in the field, which will not be clean or dry. We propose a piece of painting foil or an oilcloth for changing babies. :)

Heathers and sundews are an opportunity to practice macro photography - also the real one, where the reproduction ratio is 1: 1 or more. Taking macro photography is of course not obligatory - as is the case with everything in our workshops :) - but it's worth taking the opportunity, because ... it won't be easier. High magnification can be achieved by several methods that differ in convenience, cost, and optical quality:
- 1: 1 macro lens - the most expensive, the most convenient, the best optically,
- intermediate rings - quite cheap, can be used with any lens,
- macro lenses,
- reverse mounting - the cheapest method, but also the most burdensome.

After sunset, we will have dinners, discussions and photo analyzes. It is also a good time for any questions related to processing - we will bring a computer with Photoshop, GIMP and SNS-HDR, but if someone wants to practice processing or ask about a problem based on their own photos, it is worth bringing a notebook. However, it is not necessary.

Common photo in the Heather Land:

Wrzosowa Kraina grupa

In the photo, from the left: Stanisław, Andrzej, Olga, Elżbieta, Eugeniusz, Adam, Lucjan (our local guide), Paweł, Elżbieta, Anna, Elżbieta, Izabela, Hanna, Piotr
They are kneeling from the left: Elżbieta, Ewa, Mirela, Dorota, Mariola, Barbara

Advanced photo editing workshop with Photoshop

December 8-10, 2017, Friday-Sunday

Program from Ewa: For the first time, we invite you to a workshop where we will deal with advanced photo editing.
The workshop will last three days, which we will devote to learning the secrets of photographic kitchen: mixing (layers and channels), cutting (photos into pieces), combining (these pieces), stretching (both pixels and their contrast), smoothing, sharpening, dyeing into various shades and seasoning the whole or fragments with tasteful special effects. After such workshops, you can make whatever you want out of your photos!

The workshop program includes:
- What to get mixed, that is the use of different methods of mixing layers,
- And if not, what? Ie blending conditional layers,
- What is under the hood, ie creating, editing and using masks,
- How not to get caught in the channel, ie we use channel mixing creatively,
- How many pictures are in one photo, or how to build channel effects,
- When it hums not only in the ears, or how to deal with noise in the whole or part of a photo,
- How to professionally curve curves, ie numerical editing, bringing out subtle shades and color effects,
- More space! So what are they in LAB mode and for what purpose,
- Who needs sixteen bits? So when is it worth reaching for greater color depth,
- How to sharpen without over-sharpening, or sharpening methods for perfectionists,
- Big cleaning, i.e. methods of removing unnecessary things from a photo (and adding necessary ones): patch, correction brushes, refilling, cloning, cloning with perspective,
- Color is not everything, or how rich the world of black and white can be, if we use the right tools,
- Besides black and white, that is two-tone photos and gradient maps.

The workshops are practical: all the issues will be practiced by the participants on their own computers. Under my supervision, everyone will personally click through the editing methods shown and see that they are not as complicated as they seem!

The workshop will be held on December 8-10, 2017 (Friday-Sunday) in Warsaw.
On Friday, they will run from 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm,
on Saturday from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm (with a lunch break),
on Sunday from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm.